EU-China relations

Cooperans is committed to promoting EU-China dialogue and strengthening exchanges between China and the European Union.
Cooperans brings its expertise to Chinese and European  authorities, companies and decision-makers to better defend their interests in both regions.

Public Affairs in China

We offer to our European clients tailored advice to make their message heard by Chinese institutions at the national, provincial and local levels. We help our clients identify key Chinese stakeholders who can support and defend their interests.

A better understanding of the European Union

Similarly, Cooperans is committed to providing greater knowledge of the functioning of European institutions to Chinese stakeholders, so that their interests are taken into account in EU- China negotiations.

EU-China environmental challenges

Both Europe and China are facing environmental challenges and need to develop cleaner solutions in mobility, energy and agriculture. This can only be achieved through intense cooperation between the two regions.

Towards a fruitful cooperation

We offer our services to Chinese and European companies and administrations to increase cooperation, especially in sustainable development and governance.

Cooperans supports the OBOR project, for the development of a new Silk Road, with the OBOReurope platform.