Public relations

Cooperans offers public relations services and assists clients in making their message heard and adopted by the targeted audience in Europe, China and other countries.

Stakeholder relations

We bring stakeholders together to build coalitions and increase the impact of our clients’ actions.
We seek to connect key organisations, companies, NGOs, state agencies and politicians that share the same interests, and send a unified and efficient message. We assist our clients in building trusted relationships with stakeholders.
We also identify possible adversary parties, determine their strengths and weaknesses and define the strategy to be taken by our clients.

Government relations

We match our clients’ interests to political agendas, and make our clients’ stance be a top priority to be addressed by politicians.
We send to policy-makers the right message so they agree with our clients and adopt the same position.
We increase policy-makers’ awareness about our clients’ organisation and interests.
Cooperans works to protect client’ interests from political risks and transform them into opportunities.

Media and communication

We assist our clients in delivering the right message to the right audience and selecting the most efficient media platforms to make their message heard and agreed.
We work with our clients to maximize the impacts of their communication materials and assist them in formulating and conveying their message to media and stakeholders.
We use our experience and skills to make our clients’ awareness campaigns efficient.