Connectivity Programmes

Cooperans works with companies and territories wishing to participate in new connectivity and development projects.

The Belt and Road Initiative

Launched in 2013 by China, the New Silk Road initiative (or Belt and Road Initiative) has become an essential tool for international development. The programme aims to facilitate trade at the global level through new infrastructure or through the simplification of trade procedures. BRI projects are open to everyone and more than 150 countries have joined. China is committed to making the projects greener and more inclusive.

As part of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), new regional development programmes are emerging such as the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, and the China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor. These new initiatives aim to accelerate economic development in certain regions.

In 2015, Cooperans became the first consultancy in France to consider BRI in order to assist project stakeholders from Europe, China and other countries.


Other intercontinental projects

The development of the New Silk Road project, motivated by China, has prompted other powers to launch competing or complementary projects, such as the Blue Dot network initiated by the United States, or the Europe-Asia connectivity strategy.

The European Union has also launched new partnerships with India and Japan.

Cooperans identifies the opportunities offered by these programmes and supports businesses and local authorities in their response to these opportunities.

National and regional development strategies

To revitalize certain regions, build new cities, and construct or modernize infrastructure, states have launched various development programmes. For example, in the Philippines there is the Build! Build! Build! programme, in Central and Eastern Europe there is the Three Seas Initiative, and in China there is the Hainan Special Economic Zone.

Cooperans helps companies to understand and take advantage of the many opportunities offered by these initiatives. Our consultancy also supports local governments in the implementation of their development strategies.

Cities of future

Do you know where are Amhedabad, Chittagong or Lahore? In 2050, however, these cities will be among the most populous in the world. Faced with rapid urbanization, the States of Africa and South Asia must develop new strategies to accommodate an ever-growing population, provide them with housing and employment, while preserving their natural resources and their environment.

The challenge of sustainable urbanization is shared by all cities in the world, and Cooperans offers to support these cities in their transition.

Our firm also works on challenges related to the attractiveness of cities and territories, particularly cultural and heritage issues.

Among our projects

Launched in 2017, the OBOReurope (One Belt One Road Europe) platform aims at promoting the development of the “Belt and Road Initiative” (BRI) to European stakeholders.

With the OBOReurope platform, Cooperans’objective is to increase awareness in Europe about the opportunities offered by the BRI, so that the EU is involved in this connectivity programme.

OBOReurope is available in both English and French. Our platform has received recognition from medias and institutions in Europe and Asia.