With the Gwadar-Europe project, we share the latest news about this city. We believe in the development of Gwadar. This city is to become a major hub connecting Pakistan to the world.  

Under the Belt and Road Initiative, Islamabad and Beijing are working together to develop the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, and connect China’s Xinjiang Autonomous Region to the port of Gwadar.

Pakistan plans to turn this small city of 100,000 inhabitants into a modern megalopolis housing several million people by 2050. The model adopted in Gwadar is that of Shenzhen, one of China’s most innovative cities. Special economic zones have been inaugurated, and Gwadar is building new infrastructure to accommodate companies from around the world. Chinese companies are not the only ones to invest and operate in Gwadar, they are joined by investors from the Gulf. The development of the city of Gwadar and the completion of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor create new opportunities that are now available to European companies. Cooperans help European companies to identify these opportunities and create new ties between Gwadar and Europe.