Cooperans assists companies with their infrastructure projects in connection with local and international development programs.

The “Belt and Road initiative” as well as other connectivity initiatives will result in the construction of major projects connecting Asia, Europe and Africa. New ports, new railways, new dams are to, be built.

Cooperans advises clients in their projects related to the creation of infrastructure, so that they benefit from investments made within the framework of connectivity programs such as the “Belt and Road Initiative”.


The construction of new transportation networks in Europe, Asia and Africa will accelerate international trade. Cooperans advises clients to seize the opportunities created by new ports, roads and high speed railway lines.


New or renovated energy networks connecting Europe, Asia and Africa are currently in development. These projects will transform the socio-economic context of several regions.

Cooperans supports clients in understanding these developments, and implementing strategies to support these changes.


The new Silk Road and other regional initiatives are about telecommunication networks, new fiber optic connections bringing high speed internet to the most rural areas.

Cooperans helps companies identify new markets resulting from these new infrastructure projects.