International cooperation

Cooperans is committed to local governments and stakeholders to conduct international cooperation projects. Exchanges between cities and their inhabitants, and companies, are a source of great stories. People-to-people exchanges are tremendously important.

Our consultancy supports cities and regions in their search for foreign partners and in setting up cooperation programmes. In this way, strong and lasting relations can be forged between cities and regions all around the world.

This cooperation can be cultural and educational, thus enabling different populations to better understand the traditions of other regions of the world. Exhibitions, meetings, and school exchange programmes can be organized.

The creation of twinning between two cities or regions brings together territories that may face similar challenges and thereby enables them to share solutions.

Our consultancy also supports cities and regions in their economic international cooperation projects to achieve new partnerships with foreign companies. This can include workshops and field visits to enable companies in cooperating territories to exchange best practices, set up new partnerships and create new business opportunities.

Finally, Cooperans intervenes in the revitalization of former international cooperation or twinning projects that need a new dynamic and gives them a new impulse.

For new cooperation projects, our consultancy helps local administrations to define their cooperation objectives, and to identify possible sister-city regions.

Our team is involved in every stage of this type of project, including its evaluation.