Place branding

Different development plans, such as the New Silk Road project or Europe’s Indo-Pacific strategy, create new opportunities for cities and regions located along new economic corridors.

New towns are booming, others are becoming revitalized. However, to attract investors and visitors, these territories must build their image to give themselves an identity and make them unique.

In our ultra-connected world, increasing visibility in order  to communicate their solutions and needs, is a major challenge for local communities.

Our consultancy intervenes in place-branding strategies for cities and regions that wish to differentiate themselves and create a strong image on the international scene.

To do this, our team draws on the historical roots of a territory; it is by highlighting its past that a city can project itself into the future.

Cooperans supports cities in enhancing their identity and assets in order to attract businesses, talent, and tourists, and to succeed in their development strategy.