About us

Cooperans is a consultancy specializing in development strategies and cooperation projects.

We work on your local, national and international initiatives.

Our firm, Cooperans, supports your projects in order to meet your objectives in governance, environment, tourism, trade, reseearch and innovation.

We support you at all stages of your projects and provide services in project analysis, project management, public affairs, branding, cooperation and training.

Our firm assists decision-makers in the implementation of their projects and offers the various parties, including companies and associations, its expertise so that their interests are supported when embarking upon public or private initiatives.

To meet connectivity challenges, new tools are being implemented by states, cities and regions.

Internationally, several development programmes have emerged since the launch of the “Belt and Road” initiative in 2013. Thus, the European Union has inaugurated the “Global Gateway” and proposes to strengthen its partnership with the Indo-Pacific region. France has developed its own stratefy for the Indo-Pacific region. Our firm is especially involved in this last programme through the Indopac.fr platform.

New strategies have been launched at national level so that states can build better infrastructure, succeed in their environmental transition and also enter the race for innovation. These policies are reflected in the implementation of programmes such as “Build, Build, Build” in the Philippines and “France 2030”. Our firm, Cooperans, notably offers an information and support site for the “France 2030” strategy at france2030.eu.

Finally, at local level, cities and regions are working to increase their attractivity and to provide a better environment for their inhabitants and businesses.

Our consultant

Dr. Sebastien Goulard is the manager of Cooperans. Before launching his own consultancy, Sebastien had worked in several consulting companies and foundations in France and abroad.

Sebastien completed his PhD at Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences). He holds a BA (hons) degree in international politics (ESE, Nottingham Trent University), a MA degree in international relations (IRIS, France) and a MA degree in social sciences (EHESS).

During his studies, Sebastien focused on regional development issues in China. He was involved in several European research programs on sustainable urbanisation in China.

Cooperans also calls upon external experts on an ad hoc basis.

Our history

Cooperans was born in 2015, and soon after began specializing in projects related to the New Silk Road initiative sponsored by China. Cooperans has acted to strengthen exchanges between European and Chinese companies, especially in the sustainable development sector.

Our expertise in connectivity issues is well-recognized ; our articles and speeches have been reported by major European and foreign media.

In 2021, Cooperans decided to go further with the New Silk Road initiative and to look at all connectivity projects across the world. Following the example of China and the New Silk Road, many states, cities, and regions have launched new initiatives to attract new businesses and bring prosperity to their communities. Cooperans has therefore chosen to support them in their projects.

Our values

As a company, we are committed to supporting projects that have the potential to change the world. Our values guide us as we work with our clients.


Whereas protectionism and nationalism have become global threats, Cooperans favours exchange and openness. We support projects that encourage dialogue and cooperation.


Cooperans supports projects that contribute to community well-being. Human and social dimensions are integral to the initiatives in which we participate.


Our consultancy encourages good governance and transparency.