Cooperans is a French consultancy specialised in connectivity projects between Europe, Asia and Africa; we work on Belt and Road Initiative projects.

We advise NGOs, institutions, companies and leaders on their development strategy in France, Europe, China and other regions where new Silk Road projects are in development.

We support social and environment friendly projects. We do believe that economic development and sustainability are strongly associated. We help our customers to adopt good governance practices.

When it was founded in 2015, Cooperans was the first France-based consultancy that was working on “Belt and Road Initiative” (BRI) projects.

Today, Cooperans offers expertise for the realization of projects within the framework of the BRI, the Europe-Asia Connectivity plan and other national and international connectivity projects.

We assist our clients at all stages of their project from conducting market studies to advocating.

One Vision

We work for a borderless world to increase exchange between peoples.