Public affairs

Cooperans offers advocating services to companies and institutions to better protect their interests and defend their position regarding projects related to a Europe-Asia-Africa dialogue.

Institutional relations

Cooperans helps clients identify possible decision-makers to promote their projects and formulate arguments to better support their position.

Media relations

Cooperans assists project coordinators in their communication and selects the most effective media to share news of their sustainability and connectivity projects. Cooperans identifies media in Europe, Asia, and Africa to disseminate each client’s message.

Digital communication

We implement the most efficient strategies for digital communication to share news, activities and results with targeted markets. Cooperans uses the most popular social networks to drive each client’s presence, and organizes campaigns to maximize the impact of communication strategies.

Event planning

Cooperans supports our clients in the organization of events (conferences, seminars, study day, etc.) to increase their visibility, share their results and bring together stakeholders.

Mediation and facilitation

Any project may have detractors, this is why we offer all stakeholders the opportunity to participate in constructive discussions. We help project leaders to present their initiatives and consider the interests of the local community.

Our mediation and facilitation services are very flexible and are respectful of each participant’s position.

Our priority is that companies, institutions and local communities participate fully in our clients’ projects.