Cooperans assists businesses, political leaders, state agencies and civil society in developing and defending good governance practices along the new Silk Roads and elsewhere.

We are committed in accompanying stakeholders willing to implement initiatives promoting togetherness and sustainable development.

Citizen participation

Our experience tells us that successful projects require concertation and dialogue among stakeholders. To be efficient, initiatives need to gain the support of both the public and local stakeholders.
Cooperans helps clients to build this relation.

Reducing Inequalities

We are sensitive to inequality and discrimination issues, and provide to our clients the services they need to efficiently campaign on these issues and implement actions aiming at reducing inequalities.


Cooperans supports transparency in governmental and corporate decisions. We see transparency as a key factor for good governance. We assist our clients in implementing actions that promote transparency at governmental and business levels.

Collusion and conflicts of interest

We assist our clients in investigating, denouncing and solving cases of collusion and conflicts of interest.
We advise our clients so that they benefit from fair and equal treatments by state agencies and we ensure that the most favoured party clause is respected.