The Silk Roads, both land and sea routes have long been major trade routes between Europe and China. Italian  Marco Polo and the Chinese Zheng He  explored them. On these roads prospered trade and innovations, but also cultural and artistic exchanges.

Travel destinations

Today, regions of the ancient Silk Roads are experiencing a very strong growth of their tourist market.

The “Belt and Road initiative” will strengthen the opening of these territories and help creating new destinations.

Cooperans supports tourism stakeholders in their strategy, the development of their project and their communication.

For your projects, we adopt an inclusive approach and support  sustainable destination projects.

Territorial attractiveness

The development of infrastructures in the framework of the new Silk Roads will allow the discovery of new regions.

We help local communities and tourism companies to highlight their particularities, their traditions, and heritage to build a strong identity.

Preservation of heritage

The ancient Silk Roads are part of the World Heritage of Humanity. They illustrate the importance of exchanges between civilizations in our history, so it is crucial to safeguard remaining sites.

We assist our clients in developing strategy and delivering effective messages for issues related to the preservation of tangible and intangible heritage sites along  the Silk Roads.

We help our customers to save the history of the Silk Roads.