Tourism constitutes one of the major dimensions of local, regional and international development policies. Infrastructure building or modernization help for the development of tourism which in turn creates new jobs and becomes a new resource for a territory.

Cooperans supports local governments and tourism stakeholders in their strategy to attract a greater number of visitors, while preserving their resources and their quality of life.

New tourist destinations

Cooperans helps decision-makers and businesses highlight their heritage and attractions to create new tourist destinations. We support them in defining their strategy, developing their project and promoting their destination.

Our approach is very inclusive and involved all local stakeholders, in order to propose a sustainable destination project.

Tourism is changing. More and more Asian tourists are visiting Europe; Companies in the industry must adapt their products and services to these visitors. Cooperans supports them in this adaptation.

We help local communities and tourism companies to highlight their particularities, their traditions, and heritage to build a strong identity.